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$GENKI Token

$GENKI token is a native, in-game currency designed to fuel the economics within Samurai Saga. It will be widely-used for future breeding of our upcoming NFT collection including Kaiju Monsters & Shinobi Samurais, and to enhance the gaming experience within the Samurai Saga game.

$GENKI token is created to incentivize holders of the Samurai Saga NFTs, players of the game, as well as the team within Samurai Saga. Our goal is to have $GENKI to be truly owned and operated by the community that plays and holds our NFTs.

The sole creators of the $GENKI tokens are from staking any NFT collection released by Samurai Saga. No pre-mine has ever been conducted and it is solely designed to have the NFT holders to become the ultimate beneficiary. The team at Samurai Saga is only incentivized based on the usage of the $GENKI tokens.

The maximum supply of $GENKI tokens is initially set to 300 million with 100% distribution to NFT stakers. Further down the roadmap, NFT stakers will experience a 20% reduction of earning $GENKI tokens over time to prolong the depletion of the token and make it readily available for users to earn through our upcoming play-to-earn game.

The $GENKI tokens do not have any buy and sell tax for the long-term growth of the tokenomics and listing in future exchanges.

Currently, $GENKI tokens will soon be available for purchase on Uniswap.

Max Supply: 300,000,000
Buy & Sell Tax: 0%
Etherscan: 0x24c487fC99f31181FFdC3b7664b7471EE0506518
Dextools URL: https://www.dextools.io/app/ether/pair-explorer/0x6b10445f10131b050ae2dbb0225221fb93ca1daf

Initial $GENKI Distribution

As of June 2nd, 2022, the total $GENKI supply is 58,375,320 with nearly 100% ownership to NFT holders.

Token Holders Breakdown | Source: Etherscan

NFT Staking Rewards & Reduction Schedule

Early stakers of Samurai Saga’s NFT are rewarded with the highest amount of $GENKI tokens. However, over time, a reduction of the total rewards based on the selected period will take place to avoid depletion of the staking pool. In any given event when $GENKI token has reached its maximum supply, voting will be conducted to introduce halving or increase of supply. This decision will NEVER be made by the team at Samurai Saga alone and only will commence if the majority vote wins. (Over 60% is considered majority votes).

$GENKI Staking Rewards & Reduction Schedule

$GENKI Token Usage Distribution

As Samurai Saga’s roadmap is being developed and released, $GENKI will play a major role in advanced minting and purchases to further enhance the Samurai Saga gameplay and ecosystem.

As stated earlier, there are zero buy and sell taxes imposed on the $GENKI token for future listing on CEX. This is truly a community-driven token.

Furthermore, each time $GENKI is being used to mint or purchase assets within the Samurai Saga, the tokens will be distributed towards different parts of the ecosystem which is listed below:

  • 50% to Staking Pool
  • 20% to Development & Marketing
  • 15% to Play-To-Earn Pool
  • 15% to Team (Locked for 90 Days)
$GENKI Token Usage Distribution To Reward Holders

The team is only compensated based on the usage of $GENKI tokens and are incentivized to deliver within the Samurai Saga ecosystem. Moreover, the tokens will be locked for a full 90-day period.

Usage Of $GENKI Tokens

The $GENKI token plays a major role within the Samurai Saga’s economy. It is designed to incentivize holders and players to enhance their gaming experience while controlling the number of play-to-earn players. The $GENKI tokens will have multiple usage within the game and possibly in the real world.

$GENKI Tokens will be used in two different segments. The first is within NFTs and the second second will be widely used within the upcoming play-to-earn game.

$Genki Use Cases (Short-Term & Mid-Term)

$Genki tokens will be used extensively for future NFT collections. These NFT collections are released to increase the number of play-to-earn players and for users to build their assets within the ecosystem.

Minting Future NFT Collections: Kaiju Monsters

Sneak Peeks Of The Kaiju NFT Collection

The upcoming NFT collection of Kaiju Monsters will be available for pre-minting with $GENKI tokens. The Kaiju Monsters are created to compete in the great battle ahead against the Cyborg Samurais, Onna-Bugeisha and Shinobi Samurais.

Each Kaiju Monster will have its own sets of utilities such as staking, unlocking a playable character and also an undisclosed utility that will be revealed prior to the collection release.

Breeding: Shinobi Samurais

A sneak peek of a Shinobi NFT

Breeding will be made available in the near future for eligible holders of certain NFT collections with Samurai Saga to birth the Shinobi Samurais. The Shinobi Samurai NFT collection will be released to attract more play-to-earn players to the Samurai Saga game.

The artwork is uniquely different from the previous collections as both genders are included. Each Shinobi Samurai will also have its own sets of utilities for the maximum gaming performance and earnings of the $GENKI tokens. More details will be released prior to the release of the breeding.

Future Undisclosed NFT Collections

Undisclosed NFT Collections To Enhance The Samurai Saga Ecosystem

An undisclosed NFT collection will be revealed after the Shinobi Samurais. These will be important assets to the Samurai Saga game which enhances the gameplay. Furthermore, these assets are designed for more interactive gaming which truly elevates the PVP aspect for the game. These undisclosed NFT collections can also be pre-minted by $Genki holders. More details to come.

Whitelist Marketplace

A visual concept of the current whitelist marketplace that’s in development. (Note: Shown upcoming NFT projects are just for visual only.)

Samurai Saga is a true Web3 brand. NFTs are one of the core pillars to the ecosystem and as NFTs are still in their infancy of mass adoption, countless opportunities are being surfaced daily. At Samurai Saga, we have a designated team to outreach for collaborations so that our holders can be rewarded. These collaborations will consist of whitelist allocations specifically for our community for guaranteed minting. To truly reward our $GENKI holders, a marketplace is currently in development to allow our holders to use $GENKI to purchase whitelist spots for upcoming NFT projects that the team has secured for the community.

$Genki Use Cases (The Gaming Experience)

Upon releasing of the Samurai Saga play-to-earn game, a series of usages of $GENKI are designed to enhance the gaming experience and rewards to both players and holders of the Samurai Saga game.

In-Game Loot Boxes

Not actual Samurai Saga’s loot box. This is only for visual purpose only.

In the near future, characters within the Samurai Saga game will be customizable. These cosmetic items such as facial expressions and clothings, will be randomly distributed within our in-game loot boxes that can be exchanged with $Genki Tokens. Similar to most online multiplayer games, rarity of the cosmetics will be implemented from common to legendary to allow players to experience a unique gaming experience.

Forging Armory

A sneak peek of the Samurai Saga’s weapons

Enhance your game experience and forge new weapons and armories to be the leader of the pack. Hire a blacksmith with $Genki tokens to create your ultimate weapon and armor to win the great battles ahead.

Game Enhancements

Actual Samurai Saga’s gameplay on Onna-Bugeisha taking the health potion

For the ultimate gaming experience, game enhancements will be released within the Samurai Saga game. These game enhancements could potentially include health potions, attribute boosters, revival and more. Game enhancements can only be purchased with $GENKI Tokens.

Reward Zone Battles

A play-to-earn innovation within Samurai Saga

To truly create a play-to-earn game without standard limitations, there will be specific game modes that are designed to be Reward Zone Battles. These Reward Zone Battles will allow players to earn the maximum amount of $GENKI tokens. To unlock these Reward Zones, players will need to use $GENKI tokens for a chance to win a larger pool of $GENKI Tokens. The first Reward Zone is set to release along with the game at the end of 2022.

Samurai Saga’s NFT Marketplace

Concept only of Samurai Saga’s NFT marketplace to allow players to buy and sell their items

At Samurai Saga, our goal is to create a community and a gaming NFT marketplace. All customizable gears can be obtained within the Samurai Saga’s ecosystem as an NFT. These NFTs will be tradeable within Samurai Saga’s marketplace. Players will be able to buy and sell their gears with $GENKI Tokens to fully experience Samurai Saga’s gaming NFT marketplace.

Global Tournaments

Global tournaments to be hosted by Samurai Saga in the near future

Future tournaments will be held to compete with other players within the Samurai Saga game for the ultimate grand prize. These tournaments will require $GENKI tokens for players to enter for a chance to win unprecedented prizes.

These are subject to change and future usage of the $GENKI tokens will be released soon.

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