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Samurai Saga is not a typical NFT collection. It’s an entire ecosystem, developed and revolving around 3 core components: an NFT collection comprised of extremely detailed artwork, staking and tokenomics, and a state-of-the-art Play-to-Earn game.

The Official Samurai Saga Trailer

Component #1 | Detailed NFT Artwork Collection

We are highly committed to creating an NFT collection consisting of the best and most insanely-detailed artwork. Thanks to our amazing artist, Dino Tomic, we will continuously deliver unique pieces of artwork with every NFT produced, irrespective of that NFT’s perceived rarity. In fact, each of our NFTs will offer unique utilities and rewards, adding to the breadth of our ecosystem.

Component #2 | Staking & Tokenomics

We strive to deliver the best artwork and utilities behind our NFTs. Each of our NFTs can be staked to earn our $GENKI token, which will be used for future NFT drops and in-game purchases.

Component #3 | The Samurai Saga Game

The team is dedicated to creating an online multiplayer game where players will be able to earn rewards while enjoying the ultimate gaming experience.

In this litepaper, you will discover our Roadmap v.2.0, what to expect as an NFT holder, and a description of $GENKI token utilities. Our team is committed to bringing the highest-quality products to our stakeholders and community while building the ultimate Web3 play-to-earn gaming experience.

Project Brief

Here is a high-level overview of how our NFT ecosystem works. Additional details can be found in subsequent sections of this article.

The Samurai Saga Ecosystem
  • Detailed NFT Artwork Collection: We choose to be different. Each of our NFTs are unique while adhering to a standard of being exceptionally detailed pieces of artwork in themselves. There are millions of possible composition combinations but only a limited amount will ever be created.
  • Mining $GENKI Tokens: Each of our NFTs act as miners of our $GENKI token, currently tradable on Uniswap. Simply stake your NFT through our website and you will begin mining our $GENKI token. This token will be used in multiple ways, and said uses will be delineated in our current and future roadmaps. No pre-mining has occurred, zero buy and sell taxes and our NFT holders are the sole creators of $GENKI tokens.
  • $GENKI Token Utilities: $GENKI is our native in-game currency used to upgrade characters, open loot boxes, and mint future NFT collections such as Kaiju and Teen Samurai.
  • Unlocking Playable Characters: Each NFT collection will give our holders the ability to unlock new playable characters with unique attributes and in-game skills
  • Play-To-Earn Gaming Access: All of our NFT holders will be able to access our upcoming play-to-earn game and utilize their characters towards earning rewards.
  • “Free” Mint Of Future NFTs: Both our Cyborg Samurai and Onna-Bugeisha have the ability to mine $GENKI tokens which will be used to mint our upcoming collections. These new NFT collections will be incorporated in our upcoming game, expanding the possibilities of player interaction and gameplay mechanics.

Our NFT Collections

Cyborg Samurai

Sneak Peek Of Cyborg Samurai Collection

Cyborg Samurais are the core of the Samurai Saga and are the first tribe of warriors to enter the great battle against Kaiju monsters. They are soldiers, champions, and rare legends. Each Cyborg Samurai holds the key to battling for glory and seeking the highest amount of rewards. Our Cyborg Samurai NFT collection is sold out and now only available on Opensea.

  • NFT Staking
    Each Cyborg Samurai is eligible to harvest $GENKI tokens through Samurai Saga’s NFT staking system. Compared to other collections, the Cyborg Samurai have the highest rate of $GENKI harvesting and they are the core generators of $GENKI. The longer the duration, the more $GENKI tokens will be harvested.
  • Playable Characters
    Cyborg Samurais will be the first playable characters in the upcoming play-to-earn game. Each Cyborg Samurai is equipped for the great battle ahead with a unique set of attributes and skills, facilitating the ultimate gaming experience with the highest potential for earning rewards within Samurai Saga.
  • Exclusive Rewards
    Cyborg Samurais are the first to enter the game arena and have the potential to earn the most rewards through their accomplishments. They are honorable leaders, explorers and warriors that will be rewarded handsomely in-line with their influence and actions. No other collection will be on par with the earning potential of the Cyborg Samurai within Samurai Saga.

Onna-Bugeisha (Releasing in Mid-March 2022)

Sneak Peek Of The Onna-Bugeisha NFT Collection

Onna-Bugeisha play a major role within the Samurai Saga. They are breeders, creators, and ultimate warriors joining the battle alongside Cyborg Samurai. The Onna-Bugeisha play a crucial role in enhancing the Samurai Saga ecosystem. The Onna-Bugeisha will be the first-ever NFT collection within Samurai Saga to mint with our $GENKI tokens.

  • NFT Staking
    Every Onna-Bugeisha and Cyborg Samurai is capable of harvesting $GENKI tokens through Samurai Saga’s staking system. The longer the duration, the more $GENKI tokens will be harvested.
  • Playable Characters
    Onna-Bugeisha warriors are unique, playable characters in the upcoming play-to-earn game. Ownership of an Onna-Bugeisha NFT is required to gain access to this extraordinary character class with exclusive skills and attributes.
  • Breeding Teen Samurai
    Onna-Bugeisha are the lifeblood of future Teen Samurai. They have the strength and neural encoding needed to give birth to Teen Samurai, the newest members of the impending conflict. This battalion of impassioned offspring will be greatly needed in the numerous skirmishes of this prolonged war.

Kaiju (Releasing In May 2022)

Sneak Peeks Of The Kaiju NFT Collection

Only mintable with $Genki Tokens

The Kaiju are historically known as a nefarious tribe that destroyed the previous indigenous civilization. However, since the Cyborg Samurai and Onna-Bugeisha touched ground and joined forces, the Kaiju have found themselves fighting vigorously to hold their ground. A shared bounty is offered to each Kaiju that tears apart their enemy Cyborg Samurai and Onna-Bugeisha.

  • NFT Staking
    Each Kaiju will be eligible to harvest $GENKI tokens through Samurai Saga’s NFT staking system. The longer the duration, the more $GENKI tokens will be received through staking.
  • Playable Characters
    Kaiju will be playable characters in the upcoming play-to-earn game. Every Kaiju character comes with an exclusive set of attributes and skills, allowing players to experience a distinct gameplay style compared to the other collections.
  • Pool Rewards
    The Kaiju have formed an army of the evil to destroy the last vestiges of Cyborg Samurai and Onna-Bugeisha. They fight together and die together, and share rewards earned from each victory in equal measure. The rewards bestowed on the Kaiju will be proportionate to the number of victories they achieve.

Teen Samurai

Only mintable through breeding of Onna-Bugeisha and with $Genki Tokens. Details are forthcoming.

A sneak peek of the future Teens Samurai NFT Collection

The Play-To-Earn Game

The first game demo using Onna-Bugeisha

The Samurai Saga will be a revolutionary Web3 play-to-earn gaming experience. Our goal is to create a game of the highest-quality that will allow players to earn rewards and tokens. The Samurai Saga is an open-world, multiplayer game with multiple game modes and varied rewards. The game is built upon Unreal Engine and brings forth surreal graphics made by highly experienced game developers and top-notch designers.

Our goal is not just to build a game, but to create a system that revolves heavily around the $GENKI token and multiple reward tracks.

Our first playable game demo has an expected release date of April 2022. For more updates and creation process, please be sure to join our Discord.

$GENKI Token Overview

$GENKI Tokens

The $GENKI token is a native in-game currency that’s designed to fuel the economics within the Samurai Saga. It will be widely used for generating new assets in of our upcoming NFT collections: Kaiju Monsters and Teen Samurai, and to enhance the overall gaming experience.

The $GENKI token is a community-based token with no advanced premiere or ICO. Its supply is solely created by the holders of our NFT collections via staking and playing the Samurai Saga game.

$GENKI Technical Details

Max Supply: 300,000,000
Buy & Sell Tax: 0
Etherscan: 0x24c487fC99f31181FFdC3b7664b7471EE0506518
Dextools URL:

Currently Tradeable on Uniswap

The $GENKI token was created to incentivize holders and creators of Samurai Saga NFTs and players of the Samurai Saga game. Our goal is to have $GENKI to be one of the few games truly owned and operated by the community that plays and holds our NFTs.

The sole creators of $GENKI tokens are Samurai Saga NFT owners that stake their assets from said collections. No preminting has or ever will be conducted and the token is designed such that NFT holders are the primary beneficiaries. The team at Samurai Saga is incentivized solely through the usage of $GENKI tokens.

The maximum supply of $GENKI tokens is set at 300 million with 100% of its distribution allocated to NFT stakeholders and the upcoming play-to-earn game. The $GENKI token has zero buying or selling tax and is now available on Uniswap for purchase.

Usage of $GENKI Tokens

The $GENKI token plays a major role within the Samurai Saga’s economy. It is designed to incentive holders and encourage players to contribute to the project in meaningful, scalable ways. The $GENKI token will have multiple use cases within the game and potentially in real-world scenarios.

Upcoming Use Cases for the $GENKI Token

Note: these are subject to change according to overall project targets.

  • Minting Future NFT Collections: Kaiju Monsters
    The upcoming NFT collection of Kaiju Monsters will only ever be minted with $GENKI tokens. The Kaiju Monsters will be competitors pitted against the Cyborg Samurai, Onna-Bugeisha and Teen Samurai.
  • Breeding Of The fourth NFT collection: Teen Samurai
    Breeding will be made available in the near future for eligible holders of certain NFT collections with Samurai Saga to give birth to the Teen Samurai. This collection of Teen Samurai is designed to attract more players to the play-to-earn Samurai Saga game.
  • In-Game Loot Boxes
    In the near future, all characters will be customizable and cosmetic items will be randomly distributed within our in-game loot boxes. These items will be tradeable on a $GENKI marketplace.
  • Forge/Armory
    Enhance your game experience and character attributes by forging new weapons and armor. Hire a blacksmith with $GENKIi tokens to create your ultimate weapon and armor to win the great battle ahead.
  • Tournaments & Reward Zone Battles
    Future tournaments will be held to compete against other warriors within the Samurai Saga game for grand prizes. You will also be able to spend $GENKI tokens to enter Reward Zone Battles to fight against Kaiju Bosses for additional rewards.


We are wholly committed to building the Samurai Saga according to the highest standards of quality and execution. We are still in the early stages, and in the years to come we will continuously build Samurai Saga to be an innovative Web3 project. Additional details will be revealed on our roadmap in the future.

Phase 1 | January 2022 — Completed
The ultimate unveiling of our core NFT collection of 9,999 Cyborg Samurais — warriors are recruited to prepare for the great battle ahead. This also marks the beginning of the $GENKI tokes with the NFT staking in order to fuel the economy of the Samurai Saga.

Phase 2 | February 2022 — In Progress
Reveal of the official groundbreaking game trailer and behind-the-scenes development of the Samurai Saga game. The battleground is created. $GENKI tokens are tradeable on Uniswap.

Phase 3 | March 2022
The release of the limited edition Samurai Saga NFT collection; Onna-Bugeisha, a playable character within the Samurai Saga game and a crucial part of the project ecosystem.

Phase 4 | April 2022
The ultimate battle begins with a playable game demo for Samurai Saga supporters. It’s time to join the battle and witness thrilling gameplay in an immersive virtual world. Additionally, the Samurai Saga store will be launched, which will offer official merchandise and exclusive collectibles.

Phase 5 | May 2022
The Kaiju Monsters NFT collection will be the next collection to enter the fray. Only those who qualify will be able to obtain these monsters and reap rewards not offered in any other way. The Kaiju Monsters are poised to compete with and annihilate the Cyborg Samurais and Onna-Bugeisha. Choose your side and plan your path to victory in the epic battle ahead.

Phase 6 | June 2022
The birth of the Teen Samurai NFT collection unfolds, attracting more players to the Samurai Saga ecosystem. Only a select few will be eligible to breed and acquire Teen Samurai. More details to come.

Phase 7 | July 2022
New battles are on the horizon. The development of new game modes and in-game avatars will be released to enhance the Samurai Saga gaming experience. Battle alongside your guild to gain access to a new tier of rewards and march towards victory with newfound allies.

Stay Connected

To learn more about the Samurai Saga project and latest updates, please follow us on Twitter and join our conversations on Discord.

You can also click here to download our official Samurai Saga Whitepaper.

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Samurai Saga

Samurai Saga is a premium, web3 project that revolves around the most ambitious NFT artwork, utility-based tokens and the ultimate, play-to-earn gaming.

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